Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-Inch Mattress – [January 2021]

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Sleep Innovations 12-inches

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12 inch Mattress ​


  • Great Motion isolation
  • Protective Cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Medium-Firm Support
  • Two Layer Mattress
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • No need to Flip
  • Delivered in a convenient box
  • Relieves Pressure Points
  • Cradling Comfort for all sleep positions

Comfort should be the topmost priority for new mattress seekers. A comfortable mattress meets with a full relaxation standard. A lot of people work all day long or devote a lot of time in traveling from home to the office. And for that, they need a comfortable surface for some relaxation.

Upgrade your bedroom with Shiloh Mattress for head-to-toe comfort. Sleep Innovations design a mattress that is not too soft or too firm. The design keeps your spine aligned and provide a high level of support. It also keeps the sleepers at a comfortable temperature. All basic features make this mattress incredible. It offers a deep and comforting that it lets one sleep through all such rumpus.

This 12 inches thick mattress can impart deep rest and enables one to get up the next morning with a fully refreshed and energetic feel. Read on to know more about Sleep Innovation Shiloh Mattress.

Sleep Innovation 12 inch Shiloh Mattress Review: First Impressions​

Sleep Innovations Mattress


Key Specifications
Material TypeMemory Foam
Dimensions60 x 80 x 12 inches
Mattress SizeQueen
Comfort LevelMedium Firmness
Weight74.8 lbs
ConstructionPremium Base Foam
Warranty10 Years
Available SizeTwin, Full, Queen, King, California King

The Good

  • Help to reduce body pains.
  • Its temperature smart memory foam responds to body heat movement.
  • Resistance to dust mites and antimicrobial.
  • Works with any box spring and platform.
  • Premium base foam ideal for comfort and excellent support that is built to last.
  • Cloud-like comfort with medium-firm support that gives you refreshed and recharge wake.
  • Perfect for folks who need enhanced pressure relief.
  • It has a beautiful and breathable cover.
  • The mattress carries a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Ideal for all types of sleepers, including the stomach, back, or side sleepers.
  • It has an open-cell structure that ensures airflow.

The Bad

  • Some people find it too firm.
  • Its Vacuum sealing sometimes traps odor.
  • It takes 24 hours to come in real shape.
  • The cover can’t be removed for cleaning.
  • It can’t be flipped like other mattresses.

Layers In Sleep Innovations Shiloh Mattress

  • Covered with Comfort – Design with a rich feel.
  • The Top Layer – It contains 2.5 inches of SureTemp Memory Foam.
  • The Base Layer – It is made up of 9.5 inches of Support Plus Foam.

In-Depth Review​

1. Construction 

Sleep Innovations are so serious about sleeping and know well in this field for producing high-quality mattresses. A bed with two layers of construction, forward with a medium feel, aims to be extra versatile.

Sleep Innovations

2. Covered With Comfort

The blend of soft polycotton creates a classic quilted cover. It provides a high level of breathability that enables the moisture or sweat by circulating airflow through the quilted cover. It ensures that the sleeper remains calm even in warm summer nights. And in winter nights, one stays warm and dry. The quilted cover is soft to the touch for premium comfort you can feel.

3. The Top Layer

The mattress has two layers of foam. The top layer is 2.5 inches of SureTemp Memory foam. It has all the topmost characteristics of memory foam like body- contouring, pain, and pressure relief.

Everybody is unique and deserves better-personalized comfort. This layer restricts the pain in sensitive areas. The top layer of mattress fits all types of sleepers, which include back, stomach, and side nap. Its designing mold and cradles each part of the body quite evenly. Along with this trait, a person can settle down in the most relaxed position without any pressure.

The 2.5-inch memory foam layer minimizes the waves in an imposing way that produces less motion transfer. It will disturb the couple less. This layer uses an open cell structure that allows enhanced airflow, which helps to move heat away from the cover as you sleep.

This layer offers a lot of benefits:

  • It allows one to get pressure point relief.
  • Memory foam had been introduced into the medical field.
  • This layer also helps to protect, cushion, and comfort an individual who lies down on the mattress. It releases all the stress from such pressure points like hips and shoulders.
  • It prevents the build-up of allergens or dust mites in the bed. In this way, the mattress always stays clean and hygienic.

4. The Base Layer

The bottom layer has 9.5 inches of Support Plus Foam. Here the layer provides an overall sense of stability and support throughout the entire bed. Sleepers get a sufficient sink which aptly supported by the lower support base foam. This foam provides the required pushback and gives comfort to the top layer. It is thick enough to provide adequate support to sleeper and sleep mate.

The base layer of Sleep innovation uses an HD foam, which replaces a coil spring from all-foam mattresses. It doesn’t allow the body to sink and provides the necessary pushback and support to ensure your full spine comfort. Just like other mattresses, you don’t have to flip this. It keeps each part of your body supportive and comfortable as well as at a personalized level. Overall, the base layer increases the quality, strength, and durability.

Extra Features ​

1. Anti-Dust mite Technology and Hypoallergenic

Shiloh mattress has been designed in such a way to give sleepers a comfort top layer for rest. Those have allergy issues this mattress will works ideal for them. The top layer of memory foam prevents the build-up of allergens and dust mites. You can never go wrong with this product as it is ideal for those with sensitive skin. It is even perfect for those who sleep with their babies and children.

Dust mites are the cause of indoor allergies that exist in most homes. Somehow coil spring beds have 10,000 to 10 million dust mites inside the mattress. This type of mattress has large open spaces that allow the dust mites to build-up. But on the other hand, in Shiloh’s bed, has no chance of dust mites. As such, there are no open spaces in the memory foam where they build-up. Moreover, the foam offends molds as well as pet dander. You can easily clean the quilted polycotton cover if it’s required.

2. Comfort and Support

Get all the benefits of the best night’ rest with Shiloh. It enables the perfect and personalized spine alignment as well as pressure relief point. The DuoComfort design includes a 2.5″ SureTemp Memory foam and 9.5″ premium support foam bottom. Along with its cool quilted cover offers a luxurious feel and moisture-wicking properties. Overall medium firmness boosts a relaxing sleep and proper spine alignment. So sleepers get up the next morning with an energized face and ready for the hectic day ahead.

It will provide support to each part of your body as it spreads weight across the entire surface. Along with the top and bottom layers, your body contours and supports the lower back to stay in a neutral position. The level of comfort and support is quite high as it drops potential discomfort. This mattress will not heat up with its open cell construction. It keeps the airflow circulation and keeps you calm throughout the night. Thus temperature does not increase during the night in this way, you feel desired comfort.

3. Durability and Firmness

The Shiloh mattress with a medium feel provides head to toe comfort. The bed is supportive enough for the side and stomach sleepers that like to feel almost encased in their bed. But get some problems with traditional coil mattresses as they don’t afford adequate spine support.

The durability of the mattress increases the lifespan by eliminating the dust mites that damage the bed. The open cell technology ensures the air circulation inside to keep the bed well clean. This adds a lot towards the durability of the mattress.

4. Pressure Relief

One size does not fit all, because everybody is unique. The right one comes with pressure point relief and alignment. Shiloh designed for molding according to body shape, absorbing pressure from sensitive areas. 2.5 inches layer built with pressure relief for conforming to your natural curves. This superior mattress comes with a more floating feel that should keep you from feeling stuck. The topmost layer helps to protect, cushion, and comfort who lie down on the mattress and release a lot of stress from such pressure points.The foam layer curves itself according to your shape and thus provides a high level of lumbar support.

  • For Side Sleepers – The foam layer fits your hips as well as a shoulder for full comfort at the waist. This also allows the spine to remain quiet even. Most of the side sleepers enjoy the firmness and pressure relief benefits provided by the comfort layer.
  • For Stomach Sleepers – This mattress is also desirable for stomach sleep. As they get enough neck support and don’t feel pushed up by the bed. The firm base layer supports the heavier part of the body, which stop the hips from sinking too deep. It promotes neutral spine alignment. This 2.5-inch layer helps your back to take the right shape and also relievers pressure points.
  • For Back Sleepers – This mattress implements the right balance of the neck and lower back. The Shiloh delivers a luxurious feel that gives you a feeling of the five-star hotel plus a superb night’s sleep. Back sleepers feel reliable lumbar support due to gentle contouring.
  • For Combo Sleepers – Overall, Sleep Innovation fits all the sleeping positions with the right balance of pressure relief and motion transfer support. You can change your positions throughout the night as its medium firmness has excellent durability.

5. Eliminates Motion Transfer

A most important factor for couples if they share one bed. This mattress is for you if your partner gets in and out of bed often at night. Thanks to its seeming motion transfer technology. It absorbs the movement that holds the mattress not to move just because of one person. All memory foam products usually absorb energy and vibration.

The 12 inch Shiloh mattress has excellent motion isolation qualities. The bottom section composed of dense support foam that eliminates all the motion transfer. Super support base uses elastic polymers that respond to kinetic energy and diffuse vibration. This is a fabulous trait for those who sleep next to a light sleeper.

6. Warranty & Certified

The foam used for Shiloh is certified to be free from harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde, and dangerous heavy metals, like lead and mercury. It is made in the United States and uses very high quality. Moreover, the manufacture has granted a 10-year limited warranty. But it doesn’t cover the defects caused during transportation or handling. Any cuts, tears, burns on the mattress while handling is not included in the warranty period. If the flaws come under the law, the manufacture will either repair or replace it.

However, the warranty period counted from the initial date of purchase. The customer has to submit the original receipt of purchase for claiming the warranty. Don’t remove the price or law tag until you’re sure to keep the mattress.

Important Tips ​

Sleep Innovation

It’s vital to take good care of your mattress. You invest your best in a mattress that makes for better sleep. Maximize your bed life with the following tips.

  • For the time when you installed it and keep the mattress clean.
  • Once your mattress arrives left to itself after unpacking for at least 24 hours to get to its original shape.
  • If your mattress gets a liquid spill, clean it with a water-based product. Don’t use bleach or harsh chemicals.
  • Try to dry your mattress in the open air instead of using heat subjects.
  • One must avoid the use of an electric blanket on this bed as it can lose some of its characteristics.
  • Trade your mattress when it’s time after eight to 10 years.
  • Cover your mattress with waterproof, washable fabric. The extra coverage protects you from allergens and bedbugs.

Final Verdict ​

Sleep Innovation is known as a leader and innovator throughout the mattress industry. This 12 inch Shiloh Mattress packs a lot of comforts, support, and durability. It comes with a new look of blend polycotton cover with fine tailoring and enhanced cushioning. Its top layer constructed with open-cell improved the airflow to ensure the sleeper stays cool even in warm summers. It offers proper alignment and pressure point relief to all types of sleepers.

The thick base use support plus foam that pushback the body to provide tremendous relief. It uses an HD foam, which replaces coil spring from all the mattresses. This model is ideal for all types of sleepers, including those who toss and turn a lot. You can easily maintain the bed as it does not allow dust mites and allergens to live within it. Thus you get a clean, safe, and deodorized mattress for a fantastic sleep experience.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. Is this mattress ideal for heavy sleepers?

Yes, the Shiloh bed has been tested for heavy sleepers, and the results tell that it supports up to 300 pounds. As it gives excellent support to your spine so you can sleep in any posture.

2. Will the Shiloh mattress become hot while sleeping?

Straight No. This product has an open-cell technology that allows air to flow and keep you calm on a warm day and cozy in winter. It draws the hot air out and fresh air in for relaxed sleep.

3. What kind of bed is suitable for this mattress?

Sleep Innovation recommends that you can use a box spring foundation and platform beds. It will provide you a therapeutic and ventilation properties. Using this foundation gives you anti-sagging and durability.

4. At what firmness level did Shilon 12 inch mattress stands?

It is a medium-firm mattress that takes place in the middle of the firmness scale. As it stands on 6/10, which provides medium-soft to medium-firm level.

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