Best Mattresses For Platform Bed In 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Olee Sleep Mattress

Olee Sleep Mattress

2. Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress

Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress

3. Linenspa Memory Foam 

Linenspa Memory Foam

Buying a good quality mattress is not a simple task as it looks. You want to get the most fantastic foam bed that will provide a relaxing nap. The right choice will fill all your needs, and you feel happy while purchasing them. But what’s the problem in picking a mattress? Are you confused about too many brands? Of course, you will get as everyone say they are the best, but in reality, which one is best? The easiest method is comprising that will find the best mattress for you. And here, customer review comes into your mind.

Many of the mattresses use high-grade material like latex, memory foam, and spring that will take care of your backbone. The most notable thing you look in is that it doesn’t cause pain in the spin. The right choice and material will help you in improving the posture, relax the muscles, and a night of comfortable sleep. But with one wrong decision, it will lead you to back problems and disturbed sleep.

Everyone has different demands, and one mattress may not meet all of them. Different brands, mixed mattresses, so you can choose them based on your needs. Here we’ve tested and compared some of the best mattresses for platform beds with it, you can feel relaxed once you reach home after a tough day. Have a look at the best ten mattresses right for you and get a better shopping experience.

Mattress Size Construction Layers
Olee Sleep Queen 4 Layers Foam
Lucid Latex Hybrid Queen 2 Layers Foam
Linenspa Twin 2 Layers Foam
Tuft & Needle Queen 2 Layers Foam
Zinus Memory Queen 4 Layers Foam
Sleep Innovations Queen 2 Layers Foam
Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Queen 4 Layers Foam
Layala Queen 4 Layers Foam
Nectar Full5 Layers Foam
Casper Queen 4 Layers Foam

Which Are The Top 10 Best Mattresses For Platform Bed in 2021 ?

1. Olee Sleep Mattress

Olee Sleep Mattress


Material Type: Gel-Max Memory FoamDimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches
Mattress Size: QueenComfort Level: Medium Firm
Weight: 51.8 poundsConstruction: 4 layer Foam
Warranty: 10 YearsSleep Trail: 30 days
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Full, Queen, King, and California King

Olee Sleep Company has an excellent reputation that works as one of the top-rated mattresses in the market. To get a comfortable sleep and stay, see this perfect 10 – Inches Gel Infused mattress. It will provide you extra health benefits as compared to the other brands. If you’re looking for a bed for kids/teens/ adults at home, this 10″ medium-firm mattress is best. This foam bed offers an ideal level of comfort and support for all sleeping postures.

There are three-layer foam, each with a 1-inch wide and extra polyester jacquard cover that provides comfort level of gel-infused memory foam. Furthermore, all these layers serve as a cooling/heating system. It uses infusion gel that makes the mattress more efficient and exposed your body heat off and lowers all the body temperature. All the layers have different features that improve the overall mattress building.

Its medium firmness level made the layer durable, so you can’t sink too far into the bed. Olee is a perfect system that includes I gel and air steaming memory foam will never allow any kind of pain or irritation in your body. It will perfectly fit all sleeping positions and balance your body while sleeping.

Key Features

  • This 10″ eco-friendly mattress goes a long way to reduce VOC emissions. The top layer of 1″ gel memory foam provides a maximum cooling effect. The mid-layer 2″: 25 ILD HD foam prevents any damage of defection. It holds the top layer from sinking and neither too firm nor too soft. Last base layer: 7″ H.D. foam is a supportive base layer. It meant to absorb the maximum weight and makes it versatile to all kinds of temperature.
  • The Olee sleep mattress cover is made from polyester jacquard, which is a comfort layer of gel-infused memory foam. It has a distinct texture, and flexibility gives the bed a soft feel.
  • This foam offers incredible pressure relief on the shoulder and hip as these body parts turn the most weight. The layer accommodates the curves for shoulder and hip while supporting your waist that keeps your spine in proper alignment.
  • This foam bed with viscoelastic properties absorbs the shocks and provide full support. It means the mattress regains its original space quickly. This model is ideal for all sleeping positions or people with chronic pain.

  • This CertiPUR-US certified foam makes it safer and more comfortable to use.
  • This mattress won’t harm your body as it is free from all harmful toxic substances and chemicals.
  • Olee sleep ensures the use of foam material in the bed that is durable and makes it flexible.
  • With its Viscoelastic properties, the bed recovers its original shape when you change your position throughout the night.
  • The polyester jacquard cover is more comfortable to maintain and clean.
  • Olee gel infusion blocks the body heat away and keeps your body fresh as you sleep.
  • The thickness and firmness make them supportive and durable against wear and tear.
  • The flexible foam adjusts according to your sleeping posture, whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back.


  • The foam has some off-gassing problem that will disappear in 24 to 48 hours.
  • No free pillows.

2. Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress

Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress


Material Type: Memory FoamDimensions: 80 x 60 x 12 inches
Mattress Size: QueenComfort Level: Medium Firm
Weight: 93.9 poundsConstruction: 2 layer Foam
Warranty: 25 YearsSleep Trail: 120 days
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King

LUCID 10″ Latex Foam Mattress, a hybrid constructed that uses memory foam or latex. Its highlighted Dunlop latex gives you the best night sleep and refreshing morning. The material of the foam is prohibited by ozone depletes, phthalates, and heavy metals. Its 4 basic layers- Comfort, Poly Foam, Transition, and support layers avoid the aches and pains. Along with a thin knit polyester cover that gives a durable feel. Its Plush memory foam layer with natural latex gives an impression like you’re floating. However, it increases the airflow, isolates motion, and offers excellent edge support that all stands because of medium firmness level of 6.7.

This is a perfect mattress with a ventilated layer that improves the temperature. You can have fresh and comfortable long hours of sleep with latex. It will respond to your movements with pressure relief and eliminate sleeping pain.

Key Features

  • The 4 layer bed with 1″ of latex and 1.5″-Gel memory foam provides a responsive support and comfort layer. Second, the 5.5″ individually encased steel coil increases the airflow + sinkage and pressure relief. At last, the 5″ edge support and 2″ support foam offers much-loved edge + minimize the motion transfer.
  • The LUCID is known for its quick loft recovery and not losing the shape every time you change your position.
  • This CertiPUR-US certified mattress made with ventilated material that offers better airflow and wakes you up all refreshed.
  • The thickness and firmness of the bed work great with motion isolation. It absorbs the motion, and this no noise mattress won’t disturb the sleep of your partner.
  • The medium plush mattress with pressure relief point offers a great sleeping pattern without back, shoulder, neck pains.
  • LUCID 10″ has a 120-days trial period so you can check if the mattress is up to mark for you or not. It will ship to your door for free and expand to its original size and shape after opening.

  • The high-quality cover comes with hypoallergenic and antimicrobial that tend to sleep better and healthier.
  • Latex hybrid mattress is high for those with orthopedic or spinal problems.
  • It comes with a 25-year warranty and 120-days of trail period.
  • This bed is excellent for all sleeping posture as hip sink too far into the mattress, and drop out with the help of coils.
  • The hybrid beds do a great job when it comes to isolating motion.


  • There are some complaints about odour and durability.

3. Linenspa Memory Foam

Linenspa Memory Foam


Material Type: Memory Foam + InnerspringDimensions: 75 x 39 x 10 inches
Mattress Size: TwinComfort Level: Medium Firm
Weight: 46.3 poundsConstruction: 2 layer Foam
Warranty: 10 YearsSleep Trail: 100 days
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Linenspa is a very affordable mattress that gives full comfort at less cost. This company uses a different design like memory foam, innerspring, memory foam hybrid, and latex hybrid just to create a fantastic mattress. It works on a variety of foam and coil support system with low-quality material. 10″ Linenspa features a simple, streamlined construction two-layer polyfoam and steel coils. Along with a cover from a polyester blend that gives a soft touch. 

The thick layer of mattress help in reducing the pressure points and increase comfort. You can rotate this mattress after 3-6 months for a better balance. Linenspa mattresses are available in medium-firm profile in 8″, medium 10″ or a plush 12″ pattern that also feature gel infusion. The 10″ and 12″ offer more pressure relief with less of an “innerspring” feel. 

Key Features

  • The mattress is 10″ tall and features a simple 2 constructed foam layer and supper coils. Its cover is also found to be quilted with a small amount of memory foam. Beneath the cover, there is 1.5″ comfort layer filled with polyfoam that adds some softness and pressure relief. Just below the comfort layer, 6.5″ support layer is integrated with steel coils. This section brings some bounce to the bed and functions as the main support system.
  • In terms of firmness, Linenspa is close to 7.5/10 firmer than average. Its top layer, combined with a coil base makes it much firmer. Some people get a bit of balance, comfort, and support, as well as some bounce.
  • As this mattress has only two-layer, but it still gives you good motion isolation + pressure relief but not enough edge support. 
  • The Linenspa has a thinner comfort layer because of its stomach, and back sleepers get brilliant support of the coil. In short, this bed is an excellent option for combo and lightweight sleepers.

  • As mentioned, the cover is not removable, but you can remove the spot by using warm water and mild detergent. 
  • Linenspa is a bed-in-a-box mattress that will come compressed and shipped straight to your door.
  • This mattress matches lightweight people, children, and teens. Plus, go great for combo sleepers.
  • he gel-infused material ensures you a fresh and healthy sleep.
  • This mattress stands to motion transfer with no noise feature, so your partner doesn’t feel any disturbance when you move.


  • The cover of this mattress is not removable, and you can’t flip this mattress.
  • It does not offer excellent edge support because of its softcover.
  • It might not be an excellent choice for heavier sleepers.

4.  Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress


Material Type: Copper Infused Memory FoamDimensions: 60 x 80 x 10 inches
Mattress Size: QueenComfort Level: Soft- Medium and Medium Firm
Weight: 64 poundsConstruction: 2 layer Foam
Warranty: 10 YearsSleep Trail: 100 days
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King

The Tuff & Needle mattress uses 35% micro- polyamide and 65 % polyester material and produces it in the USA. This mattress offers sleepers a medium-firm feel and floating foam experience. It was found in 2012 and now grown into one of the most popular beds. The in-a-box brand has three different mattresses, including the “Original T&N (reviewed here), The Mint, and The Hybrid.

Tuff & Needle features a simple design with 10″ tall and uses two-layer of foam. It is neither too hot nor too cold as they use high-grade material than outdated latex and memory foam. They are just right foam that gives relaxed and comfortable sleep and offers excellent pressure relief & motion without any trouble. It one of those beds that comes in 7/10 on the firmness scale and suitable for combo sleepers. Overall this bed fit medium/ petite back and stomach sleeper that supports your hips and keeps the spine in alignment.

Key Features

  • The T&N mattress, along with two layers, adds a cover made of polyester that is thin in feel, which promotes smooth airflow. Underneath the cover 3″ of proprietary Adaptive foam response to functional mobility and plenty of bounce.
  • Its cooling gel and graphite infused into the first layer to absorb and dissipate body heat. The supportive base layer of 7″ with high-density polyfoam keeps the body aligned. It also features an open-cell design to promote extra air throughout the structure.
  • Their pressure relief factor gives comfort and helps in relieve pressure without feeling too soft or like quicksand. It is an option for the back, side, or combo sleepers, but not for stomach sleepers.
  • The other element to consider is the motion isolation. This feature is essential if your partner easily gets disturbed by a little move. Surprisingly T&N is good with motion isolation, a small surface bounce, cooling property, and versatile support.

  • This mattress is ideal for full support and full night sleep.
    It gives you a 10-year warranty + with 100-night trails to see whether this mattress suits you or not.
  • The open cell structure makes your rest cool. Hot sleepers should enjoy the thermo regulating qualities of this mattress.
  • The great motion isolation feature allows you to move silently.
  • Tuft & Needle mattress is compatible with most adjustable base, and box spring.


  • It might not be right for heavier folks. With its two-layer design, it is not an ideal match over 250 lbs folks.
  • The massive cover is not intended to remove.

5. Zinus Memory Foam Mattress 

Zinus Mattress


Material Type: Gel-Infused Memory FoamDimensions: 80 x 60 x 12 inches
Mattress Size: QueenComfort Level: Medium Soft
Weight: 63.4 poundsConstruction: 4 layer Foam
Warranty: 10 YearsSleep Trail: 100 days
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Full, Queen, King, and California King

The Zinus memory foam is a low price + good quality mattress great choice for any sleeper. Its Low motion transfer profile, superior pressure relief, and reliable support make it an all-rounder mattress. This product comes in four different thickness levels: 6″, 8″, 10″,12″. Let’s talk about 12″ Green Tea version that is the thickest mattress. It has 4-layers of memory foam, comfort foam, and high-density polyfoam and high-density support foam. Plus, a knitted jacquard cover that is very thin and soft that helps to encourage more airflow.

Zinus uses safe green tea and charcoal in the foam to keep the bed smelling fresh and odor-free. This 12″ is CertiPUR-US certified and assure to meet physical performance and indoor emissions. It is made without ozone depleters, heavy metals or formaldehyde. The firmness level ranks on 5/10, which is a bit softer than standard foam. Its soft profile makes it a good option for strict side sleepers who want to sink into the mattress. It will work great for combo sleepers and does a great job of absorbing the motion. 

Key Features

  • This mattress offers 4 solid layers: 3″ Memory foam+ 2″ Pressure Relief HD foam+ 3.5″ HD + 3.5″ HD Base support foam. No matter in which position you sleep, it will automatically adjust to suit your body.
  • The cover of this bed foam used knitted jacquard fabric. You can remove its cover in case removing can affect the warranty, so try not to remove it. Although, if it gets some stain, just use some warm water and mild detergent to clean that spot. 
  • Pressure relief foam helps to improve sleep performance by reducing pressure points. One of the profits of memory foam is that it offers an excellent job of fitting the body in multiple positions every time you change it.
  • You can use this mattress on box spring, platform bed frame, slatted base, bunkies board, or with the adjustable bed frame. It would work fine on all of these but prefer a flat surface for extra support and comfort.
  • Its motion transfer helps you and your partner that beds isolate to protect the sleep of others. That means a move from the side doesn’t affect the other hand.
  • You can count this mattress on average edge supporters. It gives you little firmer feel around the edge if you want to sit or lay down. 
  • This affordable mattress with a thick comfort layer offers you free shipping and return + 100- night trial + 10-years limited warranty. 

  • This 12-inches foam is highly durable and has a high degree of stability. 
  • The Zinus infuses the green tea and ActivCharcoal into the form to digest moisture and offset odor. 
  • Its motion isolation makes it ideal for restless people that protect one partner’s sleep. 
  • You can remove the spot from cover by washing it from the warm water and mild detergent. 
  • The firmness of this bed changes per year because of the temperature.
  • This bed is ideal for combo and lightweight sleepers.
  • It has a classic memory foam where sleeper can slowly sink into the mattress.


  • Zinus mattress is not bouncy, whether it has soft firmness. 
  • According to the research, this bed is not suitable for heavy sleepers.

6. Sleep Innovations Mattress 

Sleep Innovations Mattress


Material Type: Memory FoamDimensions: 80 x 60 x 12 inches
Mattress Size: QueenComfort Level: Medium Firm
Weight: 93.9 poundsConstruction: 2 layer Foam
Warranty: 10 YearsSleep Trail: None 
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King

This company believes that one size doesn’t fit all, so it comes in a different range. The 12″ mattress is ideal for all sleeping positions to average bigger body type. With this Queen size bed, you get a better sleep every night with proven pressure point relief. Shilon mattress has a beautiful cover made with a poly-cotton blend that gives a luxurious feel.

This 12″ tall mattress comes with a duo comfort layer of SureTemp Memory foam and Supper Plus foam. Its top layer provides all the excellent qualities of body contouring, pain, and stress relieving pressure points. The medium firmness level provides head-to-toe comfort, and sleepers feel active and energetic after a great night.
As like all other bed who use memory foam gives brilliant motion isolation and pressure relief profile. Its open-cell structure enables the airflow and takes 24 hours to get in real shape after unpacking. One of the great features of this USA made foam that it offers you a 10-year warranty. 

Key Features

  • The mattress got two layers of construction. Its top layer is 2.5″ of SureTemp Memory foam. This layer fixed the all pressure relief points and equipped with an open-cell technology that promotes better air circulation. Its 9.5″ base with Support Plus foam provides a supportive layer that replaces a coil spring in all-foam. 
  • This mattress with a poly-cotton blend cover provides a high level of breathability that keeps the bed fresh and eliminates the moisture by circulating airflow.
  • The 12″ mattress minimizes the motion that absorbs all the energy and vibration. This technology doesn’t transfer all the vibration caused by one person moved to the rest of the area. With its medium firmness and motion isolation, you can change your position, move around in bed, or get off it, and your partner will not get disturbed.
  • Unlike other mattresses, Sleep Innovation does not need to flip. Its superior open-cell technology maintains the firmness, pressure relief, and balance in the foam.
  • This bed fits enough comfort for all types of sleepers. The mattress evenly cradles and mold according to a sleeping position without involving and pressure point.

  • The mattress prevents the buildup of dust mile and allergenic issues and keeps it clean and hygienic. 
  • Its firm-level and durability suits all the sleeping posture, if one person rolls over, the other won’t be bounced around. 
  • The open-cell technology provides better air circulation and reduces body pain.
  • Enjoy the high-quality and very durable feature with its 20-year warranty. 
  • This mattress is excellent for people with sensitive skin as the bed is free from dust mite.
  • This memory foam bed enhances the pressure relief to minimize the acne and pains throughout the night.


  • Shiloh 12-inch isn’t designed for heavier frames. Those with heavier weight may opt for Nectar, Casper, Perfect Cloud UltraPlush. 
  • The cover can’t be removable and allows for spot cleaning.
  • The mattress gets hot if the room temperature is high.

7. Perfect Cloud Ultra Plush Mattress 

Perfect Cloud Mattress


Material Type: Gel-Max Memory FoamDimensions: 84 x 72 x 10 inches
Mattress Size: QueenComfort Level: Medium Soft
Weight: 61.5 poundsConstruction: 4 layer Foam
Warranty: 20 YearsSleep Trail: 30 days
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King

This hybrid nature mattress is best in the world in providing comfort and support. Its 4 layer foam construction maximizes the comfort level. The structure is made up of ventilated Gel-infused memory foam that offers an ideal nap for long. This foam has tested in killing the nervous tension caused by common head, neck, and shoulder pain. The neutral temperature keeps gel fresh and gives you a better stay throughout the night.

The top of the bed is very soft in touch and fits the weightless sleep life. It comes with a best-in-textile stretch knit cover with a removable feature that offers a luxurious look and feels. The mesh accent airflow goes in and out of the mattress, to improve the heat dissipation. Its viscoelastic construction contours the body shape and support any inactive style. This medium-firm mattress suits all the combo sleeping posture, which switch between side, back, stomach. The motion transfer is non-existing, so the one partner can change its place without disturbing the other.

Key Features

  • The 4 layer mattress made up of 1.5″ layer of air-infused memory foam+ 2″ layer of Gel-Max memory foam+ 6.5″ layer of H.D. base support foam with a removable knit cover. These layers are combined into a thick and luxurious 10″ mattress and provide comfort sleep you dream of.
  • The “Mesh Gusset” air transfer technology allows the bed to breathe out hot air, and so it remains cool and fresh all day long.
  • The motion isolation technology helps you to stay asleep even when your partner changes its position. As the upper layer of the bed provides a high-level of support by pocked coiled spring that provides equal support and enables perfect motion isolation.
  • This solid structure bed uses a pocked coil spring that is made out of 16-gauge steel. The compact construction makes it highly durable and pocket spring stay to last of decades. 
  • This product is free from PBDE flame retardants, mercury lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals. It is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) product better for indoor air quality. 
  • This medium firm bed is suitable for all the sleeping positions as well as for combination sleepers.
  • Perfect Cloud offers the 10-year warranty and 30 days of the trail so, the customer has to keep it in proper condition. Its warranty starts from the day you purchase it and claim requires proof of buying.

  • You can use Casper’s foam bed on any frame you want like, Boxspring, Adjustable bed, Slatted Frame, On the floor, and Platform bed. 
  • This mattress is both comfortable for combo sleepers and offers a high level of support.
  • The memory foam makes it durable as well as with the use of coil spring.
  • If you want to clean this only use water-based cleaning product, no chemical or bleach should be used. You can even use a vacuum cleaner for this bed. 
  • Casper is designed and tested to provide superior sleep + with a removable textile stretch knit cover. 
  • It will be the best and comfortable product that keeps the temperature regulation for cool body-hugging.


  • The material of UltraPlush will odor for the first 10 hours after unwrapping it.
  • It doesn’t have a top pillow structure like other models do. 

8. Layla Sleep Copper Infused Mattress

Layla Sleep Mattress


Material Type: Copper Infused Memory FoamDimensions: 75 x 54 x 10 inches
Mattress Size: QueenComfort Level: Medium Soft and Medium
Weight: 70 poundsConstruction: 4 layer Foam
Warranty: 20 YearsSleep Trail: 100 days
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King
Extra: 2 Free Pillows

It is more than memory foam, which gives you better sleep and a better feel. You can flip it or reverse it, yes you heard right. This mattress provides two firmness options in one bed. It has a medium-soft on one side and firm on the other. 

The copper-infused memory foam gives more relaxed sleep and variable support. Layla is 10″ all-foam mattress made of four distinct layers. One side is constructed with a 3″ of copper-infused memory foam and a second layer of convoluted polyfoam. 

According to the firmness scale, softness level comes at 5.5 and 6.5 for the firm. It is a bit easier to press the soft side than the firm side. You can rotate it head-too-foot every three or six months to prevent indentations. The softer side comes with more sinkage, because of 3″ comfort layer you can float on top of it. This mattress is beneficial for combo sleepers who roll around. 

Key Features

  • The company sells a “2-in-1″ bed that fulfills the needs of most. As it is a double-sided bed so it all up to you which side you want to switch. Its 4 layers include- 3″ top layer of copper-infused memory foam on the soft side and 1” on the firm side better for heavier people. 
  • Next, there is 2″ of convoluted polyfoam on the softer side, whereas the firm hand doesn’t include this, which results in less sinkage on the firm side. The 4.5″ support layer provides a stable base on each side. 
  • The thermogel infused cover provides heat dispersion and keeps you cooler overnight. This cooling agent helps to prevent heat buildup. 
  • As talked above, the quality of two sides, that offers excellent pressure relief on the soft side for combo sleepers and another side for heavier back sleepers. 
  • The construction of both sides does a great job of dulling the disturbance and stand great for motion isolation with no noise factor. Whereas it provides generous edge support on the soft side and much support on others.
  • Layla foam is compressed, rolled, and wrapped once you remove the wrapping, and it expands immediately.
  • The company gives you 100 nights of the trail, as it takes a few days to blend with your body. In order, if you’re not satisfied with the bed, you can return it within the given time. 

  • The cover of the bed comes up with a polyester blend, which feels soft and super cozy.
  • It is double stitched features fulfills all your need in one bed. 
  • The foam that uses to create the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, so they are eco-friendly. 
  • Layla is one of the most comfortable and useful mattresses that well for combo and hot sleepers. 
  • Those who prefer little sink mattress than Layla is a pure pick.
  • There is massive motion isolation that dulls the motion and won’t disturb your loved ones. 


  • The more massive people have to choose the firm side for sleep. 
  • Layla dulls the movement that leads to less bounce rate. 
  • Its edge support is quite weak for some couples who utilize the entire surface. 

9. Nectar Full Mattress

Nectar Full Mattress


Material Type: Memory FoamDimensions: 54 x 10 x 75 inches
Mattress Size: FullComfort Level: Medium Firm
Weight: 68 poundsConstruction: 5 layer Foam
Warranty: LifelongSleep Trail: 180 days
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King
Extra: 2 Free Premium Pillows

The mattress is made with four layers of memory foam and totals 11″ thicker. Its top Tencel cover made of, semi-synthetic fabric makes it wrinkle-resistance and extra soft. The best thing about it is that it keeps you cool all night long. In case, an accident with the lid just cleans the spot with water and a dab of mild detergent.

Nectar is an ideal option and rate as a six on the 1-10 firmness scale. The 10 being the most firm-level as come to lower it beings the least firm. Its medium-firm level supports your entire body well. For the all-posture sleeper, this mattress delivers the amount of pressure relief with a body-hugging comfort. Aside from this, it offers a trial period that allows you to keep the bed for a year until you’re sure it’s the right choice for you.

Key Features

  • Nectar is a 5-layer constructed mattress, with a breathable base layer+ adaptive high core memory form+ gel memory foam+ quilted gel memory gel form.
  • The temperature control technology makes it a more cooling option than other memory foam.
  • Body conforming is a main key feature of the Nectar Mattress. The first layer uses 1″ of quilted gel memory foam and other 3″ of PCF gel memory foam to distributes the weight across for a comfortable surface.
  • It gives you a full year to test the bed, 365-night trial that’s crazy. You can return it if you’re not 100% happy. The company offers to replace it with no extra cost if it found to be defective. After the ten years, it will cost you transportation fess.
    The motion isolation absorbs the motion to makes it an ideal option that quickly gets disturbed by a movement.

  • The top 3 layers of Nectar offer a great combination of comfort, durability, motion isolation, and heat retention.
  • Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleepers, it molds to your body and provides ultimate support.
  • You will get a comfortable, cold sleeping even in 90 degree nights. Plus, it will gently regulate the heat for an ideal temperature.
  • It doesn’t absorb much body heat as other all-foam models.
  • The Nectar is an excellent option with no noise issues for silent sleepers who easily get disturbed during the night and provides excellent pressure relief and edge support.
  • Nectar is the most affordable mattress in the market with Hi core 9.2-grade transition foam.
  • It is ideal for all heavyweight sleepers- more than 230 lbs.


  • The complaint about a body-hugging sensation that some sleepers find uncomfortable.
  • Nectar doesn’t support coil features that might disappoint some folks who want a little bounce in their bed.

10. Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

Casper Sleep Mattress


Material Type: Latex, Memory Foam, HD PolyfoamDimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches
Mattress Size: QueenComfort Level: Medium Firm
Weight: 71 poundsConstruction: 4 layer Foam
Warranty: 10 YearsSleep Trail: 100 days
Certification: CertiPUR-USAvailable Size: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

The Casper is grown into one of the well-known mattress brands in the market. This company now has two Queen models, “Casper Hybrid” and “Casper Wave.” It is 12 inches tall and composed of four different layers. The layer of foam offers balance, softness, and support on the top. Along with this, the base layer provides deep comfort and long-lasting durability.

It’s cover made from a soft polyester blend, which is removed by zipper when needed. Casper doesn’t bunch up when you move around because it is only 10″ thicker that stays in place. Overall, the open-cell with tiny pores  let excess hot air escape and offer natural cooling. The latex provides the bounce that makes it easy to change the position in and out of bed.

This medium-firm mattress sinks you 6 ½ inches into the bed that makes it more firm than other standard models. This mattress gives a good sense of firmness to different body shape, size, and weight as you expect from a bed. Thanks to its diverse material make-up that gave the structure a balanced feel.

Key Features

  • The 4 premium layer construction includes breathability- open-cell foam, Pressure relief- memory foam, Deep comfort- adaptive transition polyfoam, and base with H.D. Polyfoam. All the layers provide targeted aid to different parts of the body.
  • The Casper mattress doesn’t have a weight limit, so you can use this as long as you want. It is best for platform beds as they give a firm, supportive, and flat base.
  • The firmness can change according to an individual status on the bed. The deep comfort layer (3rd layer) made of two different types of polyfoam: “Soft poly foam at the shoulder and firm foam at the hips. You find a satisfying comfort by any position you want.
  • Another essential component of pressure relief that supports all the combo sleepers, and feel some satisfying pressure relief when they change their place.
  • This bed doesn’t cause hot feel by its neutral temperature function that keeps it fresh by  “AirScape” design. On the other hand,  motion isolation capabilities do a pretty good job at keep motion transfer minimal.
  • With its fantastic edge support, you can rely on the entire sleep surface and enjoy consistent support. A person won’t feel uneven or falling out of bed whether he/she lay on the side or back position. It will carry a lot of weight and gives strong focusing edge support.

  • Casper mattress is probably the best for back/side combo sleepers who move throughout the night.
  • You can clean the spot with warm water and a bit of mild detergent just dap it, and you’re done.
  • The cover of the Casper is removable by zipper and made of soft polyester blend.
  • The zoned support brings quality pressure relief to the shoulder and hip or even to any sleeping posture.
  • The Casper itself offers the 100 night-sleep trial and ten year warranty time.
  • Queen size mattress from Casper is perfect for spacious bedrooms.
  • Casper is suitable for hot sleeping with easy to move consideration.


  • This mattress is not the best fit for a stomach sleeper and more massive people. 
  • This bed is not suitable for an innerspring bounce.

How to choose the Best Mattress For Platform Bed?

There are three common types of mattresses that each company produces. They are “innerspring,” use of “memory foam” and “adjustable.” Everybody wants a good night’s sleep with a refreshing and re-energetic morning. That’s why before buying a mattress, you should go through with the essential factors you want in your bed. So if you’re planning to buy a new mattress, take the time to view upon important things you should know before buying one.

1. Know Your Size

A good quality mattress can last you years if you choose correct base on your long-term plans. A big family on Sundays piled on the same bed for watching cartoons and movies or having fun, sharing a bed matters the most. Or maybe you move too much while sleeping, and it’s time for something bigger than a twin size. You should know about the standard dimension that goes perfectly for you and your family. 

Size Dimensions – 

  • King- 76 x 80 inches, this bed goes excellent in a large bedroom, or you want to share it with your partner, kids, or pets. You should invest in this size. 
  • California King- 72 x 84 inches, this bed is somewhat narrow than the regular king and offers an extra 4″ in length. 
  • Queen- 60 x 80 inches, this size tend to be the most popular model opt by couples or singles. It offers plenty of space to move around while sleeping. 
  • Full- 53 x 75 inches, this is a great choice who need more room to spread out or for couples who have not much large bedroom for big size. 
  • Twin XL- 38 X 80 inches, this bed size very common and often expensive than the regular “Twin.” It may be worth the investment for individuals who need more room to stretch.

2. Thickness and Durability 

A right mattress consists of these two things “thickness” and “durability.” The thickness provides comfort and supports you need in bed and makes it last longer. The standard thickness of a mattress is between 6-9 inches, while luxuries mattresses come in 12-inches. A tall mattress may create a struggle in getting out and in the bed. Few mattresses brands come with 18-inches thick, which is too way high for some.

Another factor is “Durability.” beware of the quality and material that mattress wear. In general, latex and memory foam tends to be last longer than poly foams. The longevity of coils depends on their gauge and how they attached.

3. Choose Organic Mattress

There is a majority of mattress that uses organic labeling like the mix of latex, cotton, and wool. Whereas, natural Latex foam is way better. Cotton is the most used material in covers as they are breathable and provide excellent coolness. Most of the bed’s foam is prohibited by ozone depletes, phthalates, and heavy metals. If a product is CertiPUR-US certified, so they are eco-friendly.

However, it is costly than chemical cocktails mattress, but so, family health is worth more than that. If the product is organically certified, then it meets the standards set by a global organization. Many companies create their cover with a hypoallergenic and antimicrobial feature that tend to sleep better and healthier.

4. Comfort and Support

Each item that rates comfort and support includes- Firmness, Pressure Relief, Sinkage + Spine Alignment. All amounts require depends on how much you bend, and what your weight is. Most of the mattress is blended with comfort or softness, which tend to be more firm. You need just enough firmness that supports your spine and other parts of your body. The firmness of a bed is tested and finalized by a firm scale; more than 6 tends to be medium and extra firm. Whereas below the six its tend to be soft firm. 

Too much softness sag under the middle, can cause poor posture and lead to spine or back pain. The material with the comfort system and your bodyweight shows how deep you sink. Somehow soft mattresses fall between 3-5 out of 10 that gives a feel of hug and sinkage. Medium sinkage is considered to be universal comfort mattress. A bed with a deep hug offers more pressure relief than one with a gentle cradle. 

5. Sleeping Positions

No matter what your sleeping position is, buy a mattress that performs excellently with all the poses. The right amount of firmness allows you to sleep on any side without producing any body pain. A majority of people don’t commit to one side the whole night, and they are called “combination sleepers.” 

A medium-firm and flexible foam bed is suitable for all sleeping positions that adjusts itself according to your posture. Many companies have a trial period, and you can lie down on the mattress to try different sleeping positions for at least 10 minutes. By this, you can check the pressure relief quality that supports your hips and keeps the spine in alignment. 

6. Motion Transfer & Edge Support

Beds that absorbs the motion becomes an ideal choice for couples as they don’t disturb their partner sleep. Sleeping alone or with a partner, a mattress with a reinforced edge increases the amount of space you can use. The memory foam or polyfoam mattress provides a high degree of motion isolation and pressure relief that keeps you cool and eliminates all body heat. The motion isolation technology helps you to stay asleep even when your partner changes its position. 

Some of the bedding cause noise with your little move that may upset other sleep, but without coil beds, you get no noise issue the whole night. With fantastic edge support, you can rely on the entire sleep surface to enjoy uniform support. A person won’t feel uneven or falling out of bed and carry a lot of weight with strong focusing edge support. These qualities make it well-suited to the number of different kinds of sleepers. 

7. Check for Warranty and Trial Period

Before you buy any mattress, verify that there are a trial period and warranty for the bed. Often a well-known company always offers a 100 night trial period and guarantee of free return if you’re not satisfied with their products. However, a good quality mattress has a minimum of the 10-year full replacement or non-prorated warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How many types of mattress materials are there?

Four main types of material that are 100% used by every company. Here is the most Common material :-

  • Innerspring- This mattress use coils, which often provide bounce feel to the bed and reliable support. 
  • Latex Foam Mattresses- They are similar to memory foam, but latex is more viscoelastic constructed and offer a more generalized “hug.” Then memory foam. It comes with extra bounce and eco-friendly cover on most of the mattresses. Latex is an excellent choice for sleepers who need fresh smothering feel. It comes in natural synthetic and blended varieties.
  • Memory Foam-Memory foams are a little expensive, but it gives you a soft feel and soon molds to your body. Once you get up, it comes backs to its original shape and leads to pressure relief.
  • Hybrid Mattresses- They are the mixture of memory foam or latex layer. Good hybrid foam provides the best of both foam and innerspring. Its goal is to give softness and reliable support. Hybrid is the most popular bed if you want to get the benefits of different mattresses in one.

2. Which is the best mattress for motion transfer and edge support?

Top 4 bed with best motion transfer quality and edge support.

  • Nectar Full Mattress
  • Casper Sleep Foam Mattress
  • Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress
  • Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

3. What is the best firmness level a mattress should have?

Every sleeper has its own firmness choice that works best for them. There is a firmness comparison from which you get to know the firmness level of your mattress.

  • A soft bed will fall between 3 to 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where ten is the most firm. These mattresses have an amount of “hug” and “sinkage” of 1.5-3 inches.
  • The Medium falls for 6-7/10 and consider as universal comfort mattresses. They sink and hug with 1 to 2 inches.
  • The firm, with minimal sinkage or hug of 1 inch or less. It lies between 7.5-9/10 on the scale. This firmness is best for those who want floating surface.

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